Tuesday 25 June 2013

Work on the terrain ( part 2 )

The one thing the table is going to need is plenty of woods, this has led us to develop more detailed woodlands for the table but still with the ability to be auctioned off as usable terrain at the end of the day. Normally when working on a commission layout the trees e.t.c. would be an integral part of the terrain and not free standing elements as such.

The first thing worked on was developing a larger base board that would be adaptable to varying shapes, more for use after the event.
So after a few initial ideas we decided to knock up some templates. A couple of shorter wide ones that interlock and a couple of narrow but long versions. These have been textured and dry brushed up. Both of these sets will cover approx 19 inches x 12 inches each so a a good size for 28mm games.
Next up was to work on more manoeuvrable tree stands, you will have seen how I would normally do trees and woodlands on my own blog. However for a demonstration game those would not be as practical to use.
We worked out a suitable area we would need for a good show of trees and then knocked up a set of templates and cut the bases out.
I like the aesthetic look of odd numbers on a base and we settled on three per stand and 5 stands per pair of boards. this gives 15 trees to fill the space. Also we created a stand of scatter terrain to throw in if wanted.
One of the prototypes laid out for use. there are some finishing touches needed yet to complete the look fully and that will feature in another post.

A few miniatures dropped on to check the scaling of these, we have gone for a good mix of sizes and types of trees. They should make a good representation of the type of woodlands in the area. We are certainly going to be using a lot of armatures on this project, with approx 100 trees being needed.


  1. You do make this look easy, I must borrow this idea.

  2. Hi , I have a pile of woodland scenic armatures if you need some!

  3. That's going to be a lot of trees!

  4. Looking Good Andy though I think you got the number of tree's wrong.
    We need a thousand, haha, stop slacking now...heehee.