Tuesday 29 July 2014

It's Getting Close!

Well, we're getting to the end of the auction.  It's been very pleasant exchanging e-mails with those of you who have bid.  You can feel satisfied that you'll be getting some great figures and contributing to a great cause - thank you!

For those of you who haven't placed a bid (yet!), I'd like to stress that there a some real bargains here.

I'll just highlight the two lots which (inexplicably to me) haven't received any bids.

Lot 4B -12 figure line regt ( the 60th Royal American Foot) - no bids

Lot 7B - 6 figure light infantry ( The 46th Foot) - no bids


E-mail diplomatist2<AT>gmail<DOT>com with details of the lot you are interested in and your top bid.  If you are bidding on an item that has not yet received bids then include both your starting bid and your top bid.

Sunday 27 July 2014

BfC Auction: Ending Soon!

Just a quick note to remind you all that we are entering the final few days of the BfC auction.

The auction will end this Thursday, 31July!

Don't forget to bid.

Saturday 19 July 2014

Re-Boot Day 19: Painters Arise!

Well we're more than half way through the auction now, and we've a fair number of bids - surprisingly though there are a couple of lots with no bids, and some lots are going to go at real bargain prices.  Is it the old eBay habits?  Are you all out there waiting to snipe at the last minute?  Remember: if two bids for the same amount come in, the first one received wins.

A Shout-Out to Painters

Before I highlight some more of the lots I'd like to make a shout-out to those people who donated time and effort in painting figures for BfC.  I think it's only right and proper that you get due credit, but I don't have a list of who did what.  Can I therefore ask the painters to drop me an e-mail, letting me know which pieces are theirs?

Apart from anything else, I'm sure the successful bidders would like to know whose work they now own.

And On to the Lots...

Previously we've looked at the mounted French officers and the three lots of French infantry, today it's the remaining French forces:-

Lot 5F - 16 figure Coureur des bois -  the 8 figures in firing pose painted by TamsinP

Lot 6F - 16 figure Coureur des bois

Lot 7F - 16 figure Compangie Frances de Marine

and here they were in action back in May...

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Re-Boot Day Two: Some Questions Answered

Well the bids have continued to come in - thank you everyone!

Tonight I'm going to answer a few questions that have been raised by potential bidders:-

  • Will you post internationally?  Yes, but postage will be met by the purchaser (this isn't just for international, but for all postage).
  • Would you accept payment by PayPal?  Yes, we have a PayPal account and this is our preferred method (you might notice the 'Donate Now' button on the right of the page.
  • Is there any way to add GiftAid to the wining bid, so the charities get the full benefit?  No, unfortunately not.  We're not a charity ourselves, just fundraising, so we can't apply GiftAid.
If there are any other questions, just ask.

Now for some eye-candy!  Tonight's featured lots are the three lots of French line infantry.

Lot 2F - 12 figure line regt ( Royal Rousillon)

Lot 3F - 12 figure line regt ( Languedoc)

Lot 4F - 12 figure line regt ( La Sarre) 

These lots and all our others, along with details of how to bid are on the Auction Page.

Here are some shots of them in action, back in May (courtesy of Gary Amos).


James did an interesting historical post on the 1759 French line infantry - here.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Re-Boot Day One

First, I'd like to say thank you for all the messages of support and goodwill following the re-boot of the BfC auction.  I'd also like to thank those of you who have sent us bids!

Over the next few weeks I'll be highlighting a different lot in each post.  Today's is Lot 1F - Two Mounted French Officers.  As you can see, they seem to have spotted each other across the field of battle and are making their 'bonjours'.  The bid on these (at the time of writing) is £10.00.

This lot and all our others, along with details of how to bid are on the Auction Page.