Saturday 31 May 2014

Figure auction for 2014's Bloggers for Charity

Well thanks to all the hard work of our blogging painters and the generosity of Andrew over at AW Miniatures I can now offer you all a chance to own some great painted F&IW 28mm figures.
I have created a page with all the units listed and pictures, if you want to buy one or more of the units continue reading for how I plan to run the auction.

If you wish to bid on a unit email your bid to <Deleted - see post of 30 June 2014>.  I will fill in on the page the current highest bid on any unit and the initials of the bidder, if two or more bids are the same the first bid received will be the highest bid. The Auction will run from the moment this post goes live till 19:00 June 30th 2014 London GMT. Please be aware that cost of postage will be covered by the winning bidder.
The Bloggers for Charity figures Page

Sunday 18 May 2014

Pictures from our weekends games

Just a few pictures to share after a tiring weekend, I will sort out more pictures of all the units ready for the auction.

Monday 12 May 2014

Figures for the weekend

Just a quick post to show all the figures for the game, I have packed them up and will take lots of better pictures over the weekend.