Saturday, 7 December 2013

Loki steps Down

This charity initiative has been a large focal point in my life this year, however I have reached a point in life where due to my health I have to make some tough decisions, mainly under doctors orders and against my normal character to tough things out. I dont want any sympathy as I will battle on regardless and have the strength of character to do so.

However I am unable to maintain the level of commitment that this projects needs and deal with my other responsibilities so I have to walk away from this venture, and have had to make some dramatic changes that have seen me effectively kill off my business as my health deteriorates. I will still give what support I can but I cannot continue to steer the ship in any shape or form.

I will of course honour my commitment to send out all the work to be painted once I get the outstanding figures and fulfil my obligation to base all the figures and units to give them a cohesive appearance. However this has to be the extent of my commitment.

I am disappointed that I could not see this through to the end of the year, and get it on the road, but I cant guarantee the future at the moment, and must place the needs of my family first which means taking a new career path at the very least to preserve my health.

I am sure the project will continue to grow and be supported by you all with James now heading up this project and see it through to what I hope becomes a very successful conclusion.

I wish you all every success both for now and in the future.