Thursday 13 February 2014

Flags of war

So one of the first companies that offered help was Flags of War, I sent a list of the units we are using in our game last week and today I got a letter from Iain and in it was these fantastic flags. Now all the Regular units will look splendid with their own fantastic colours.
Thank you very much Iain and the answer is yes I like them very much.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

First Completed Units

The figures are starting to return to me thick and fast, so my basing is going well I have two units awaiting texture while two more have the paint drying on the base before dry brushing. But I have the first three fully completed units and they look fantastic.
Once I have some better pictures of all units I will create a page each for the French and British with plenty of pictures of each unit.
But for now here are some rough pictures of the first two French and the first British Units for your own Bloggers For Charity Project, again a huge well done to all involved as I continue to get great feedback from all areas of our hobby about just how great people think our little idea is.
Peace James