Friday, 24 January 2014

Posting figures back

Just a quick post to say that if you have figures to post back please drop me an email at the email address to the left or exilespainting hotmail com I will let you know the address to send it to

Peace James

Sorting things out

I am slowly getting things sorted and into order after Loki had to step down to concentrate on family. I have made a few big decisions that I hope you will not mind. Any figures that have not yet been posted are not going to go out, I am sorry if you have been waiting for your figures but I just do not think I will have the time to get them posted and returned and based before we need to be running a few test games. The Terrain Mat we will be using is a big investment so I plan to keep this to be used by BfC in (hopefully) future events.
I am slowly contacting our supporters to confirm details but I could do with a quick confirmation from all you blog followers that you will still be happy to support BfC this year and years to come or do you feel we should get this year sorted and call it a day?
I have contacted the reenactment guys and they have confirmed they will be attending. On the weekend I will be staying with my Old man and our friend just down the road from the venue on Saturday night so will check out the local area for some where we can all meet up for a meal and general catch up.
Anyway I had best get off for now as I still have a few emails to fire off

Peace James

Friday, 17 January 2014

Terrain Plans

So with the expansion of BfC and the road trip to Europe we have been looking at making transport easy. The figures I can pack securely in travel box's but the original plans for terrain boards would have not left much room in the car for bloggers. After a search around we have been able to get a terrain mat which will be in its own solid postage case. We are using Terrain Mat and at the present moment we are planing to use this for maybe a couple of years BfC before offering it up for auction but plan's are not set in concrete yet.
I would like to thank my Dad (Paul Brewerton) for sorting this out for us.

The dates have been set as the last post showed so if anyone is planning to come along and join the fun let me know so I can sort out numbers. I will be staying overnight on the Saturday so hope that as many Bloggers as possible can get together for a meal and a few drinks

Peace James