Friday, 24 January 2014

Sorting things out

I am slowly getting things sorted and into order after Loki had to step down to concentrate on family. I have made a few big decisions that I hope you will not mind. Any figures that have not yet been posted are not going to go out, I am sorry if you have been waiting for your figures but I just do not think I will have the time to get them posted and returned and based before we need to be running a few test games. The Terrain Mat we will be using is a big investment so I plan to keep this to be used by BfC in (hopefully) future events.
I am slowly contacting our supporters to confirm details but I could do with a quick confirmation from all you blog followers that you will still be happy to support BfC this year and years to come or do you feel we should get this year sorted and call it a day?
I have contacted the reenactment guys and they have confirmed they will be attending. On the weekend I will be staying with my Old man and our friend just down the road from the venue on Saturday night so will check out the local area for some where we can all meet up for a meal and general catch up.
Anyway I had best get off for now as I still have a few emails to fire off

Peace James


  1. Sorry to read this, I was really looking forward to helping out.
    : (
    But *sigh* logistical realities must take precedence.

    I am happy to support BfC in the future. It's all in a good cause and gives us all a chance to give something back. Please keep us posted and I'll be happy to block out some workbench time for next year!

  2. Hmmmm . . . first batch of figures returned (yesterday as it happens) and second (final) set in a few days.

    Down for the Triples anyway (probably the Saturday - depends on domestic stuff).

    Happy to continue to support BfC 'til the cows come home.

  3. I'm just about ready to return my two units to you (after varnishing again this weekend). I'm also very happy to help out with painting for future events too

  4. I'm happy to help out with painting again next year if needed, so please count me in as a regular contributor. It's a great cause and I have to admidt it also feels good to 'give something back' via my hobby. BFC is definitely your best idea of 2013 and I hope it continues and goes from strength to strength.

    I was hoping to make it to Triples in person this year so I could see the game being played. But it is looking unlikely I'll be able to make it now. Its the usual story, work commitments (traveling away from home) mean I'm having to self-ration my hobby time and that means cutting back on weekends away without the family. Such is life. Of course when I win the Lottery and retire early everything will change....

  5. Hi James,

    of course I'm happy with painting support. The British unit Loki sent me is half finished on my painting table and I'll have it finished and sent back this months.

    And for the future:
    My capabilities to do fundamental organisation work are very limited. But I willing to help with anything else. Whether in painting or working out things...


  6. I too am sorry that I won't get to paint anything for the event, but I totally understand. My ability to help was always limited by the fact that I'm not in Europe. I'll try to figure other ways to be of some support.