Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tick Toc!

24 hours left!
Get those bids in!


  1. While this is a great idea, and some nice minis - I have nothing to do with this gaming period. Of all the gaming periods and scales I do - and it's something like twelve that I am actively working in - 18th century just isn't in it for me.

    Next time, put some VBCW figures in 28mm up for auction and I am in. I may not win, but I will certainly bid.

    Or some Warhammer Fantasy. Or Warmaster (Lizardmen). Or 15mm WWII. Or 15mm Renaissance (FOG-R). Or 15mm Spanish Civil War. Or VSF in fleet scale (Dystopian Wars/Aeronef), 6mm (Colonials - British, German, French), 15mm or 28mm. Or sci-fi in 6mm or 15mm, especially OGRE.

    1. It's not really a period I normally paint or play either, but it was great fun to be involved

  2. J Womack what ever period they picked some one would be saying the same thing.