Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Paintbrushes at the ready

I have collected a nice healthy list of volunteers for figure painting duties, I do believe I have emailed you all to acknowledge your interests. If any one has not had an email from me please send me a reminder, as I may have missed it during my short time away through illness.

Just to keep you all informed, I am finalising some figures with Andrew at AW miniatures who is sculpting some additional figures that are needed for some of the units. My intention is to visit him at the end of the month and collect all the lead that needs painting including the all new sculpts. I will be making a special trip to the Phalanx show this weekend to meet up with James and Andrew to ensure we are on track for this area of the project.

I appreciate many of you are itching to fire up your paints and brushes, but I ask you to bear with me as I want to send all the lead out in one batch so I can keep track of the project. I know James is keen as mustard to get some paint out :)



  1. I couldn't give a monkey's really :)

  2. That sounds very good.
    I'm exited how things keep going!


  3. A rare chance for me to paint something other than WWII!

  4. I look forward to painting!

  5. This will be something off the beaten path for me as well! Looking forward to this!