Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The 46th Regiment of Foot

The 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army, created in 1741 and amalgamated into the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry in 1881.

In 1749 the Regiment was stationed in Ireland, where they remained for eight years. Whilst they were in Ireland, the Seven Years' War broke out, and the 46th were relocated to Nova Scotia. During their time in Canada, the 46th were involved in several battles, including:

  • Assault on Fort Ticonderoga, July 8, 1758;
  • Assault and Capture of Fort Niagara, July 25, 1759;
  • Assault and Capture of Fort LĂ©vis, August 25, 1760;
  • Capture of Montreal,September 8, 1760;

In the American War of Independence the 46th Regiment of Foot fought at Capture of Long Island, August 28, 1776; Capture of New York, 1776; Capture and Reduction of Fort Washington, 1776; Battle of Brandywine Creek, September 11, 1777; Action of Paoli's Tavern, September 20, 1777; Capture of Philadelphia, 1777; Battle of Germantown, October 4, 1777; Action of Monmouth Court-House, June 28, 1778; Assault and Capture of Bedford, September 5, 1778 Assault and Capture of Martha's Vineyard, September, 1778; Invasion and Capture of St. Lucia, December 30, 1778; Defence of La Vigie, December 18, 1778; and the Capture of St. Eustatius, 1781.


  1. Quick question regarding the uniforms. I apologize if this was mentioned earlier and I missed it. Will you be recommending particular paint lines for the uniforms to keep some uniformity (hehe) between the various painters?

    1. Sean, where possable each uint will be painted by the same person as each unit is from a different regt you would expect varience in colours, all the base's will be done by one person this will effectivly tie in the whole army. We have plenty of painting guides to help out all the painters getting involved. I know for a fact that Loki picked up a very good uniform book for this era at Triples this year (you may even think we plan these things)
      Peace James
      BTW never worry about anything paint wise were are all going to support each other.

  2. When do you think we'll be getting the figures to paint up?

  3. Excellent research.
    Thanks, James!