Saturday 15 June 2013

A look at the new Figures from AW Miniatures

I went up to Phalanx today and met up with Loki, together after a great progress meeting over a cup of tea we wondered over to see Andy at AW Miniatures. Andy has been very busy sculpting figures so we can have all the troop types we wanted in our game, he had brought along the latest greens for us to drool over and believe me these are stunning. I took the chance to take a load of pictures so you can enjoy them yourselves.

I think you will all agree this boy has talent, and I know all you painters will be dying to get your brushes on these, will not be long now. Remember good things come to those that wait.
Peace James


  1. Nice figures, I like the two kneeling.

  2. oooohhh! Lovely greens there James :)

  3. Very nice i like the back packs

  4. Those look great. I can't wait to start seeing the painted units start to appear

  5. You Jammy git, seeing these.
    Can't wait.
    Andy at AW has done a cracking job, I'm just painting a few of the Brits I bought at Triples.
    They fit perfect with my "Redoubt" Rangers.