Monday, 30 September 2013

The Bloggers for Charity Auction Begins!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in a few short hours the world famous Bloggers for Charity Auction will begin. The rules are as follows:
    •  The auction will begin at 00:01 BST on Tuesday 1 October 2013 and end at 23:59 on Thursday 10 October 2013.
    • To qualify for participation in the auction, bidders must:
     a) be a member/follower of Bloggers for Charity.
     b) prove that they have promoted/publicised both Bloggers for Charity and the auction itself. They must include the relevant URL in their bid email for verification.
    • This will be a closed bidding process. Members of Bloggers for Charity may bid as often as they wish, but they will be bidding blind: no bids will be published. 
    • The email address to which bids must be sent is and marked  BfC Auction in the subject box. 

    • The highest bid at the end of the auction will be the winner and the funds can be transferred directly to Bloggers for Charity. The figures will not be dispatched until the transfer has taken place.

    There are SIX figures included in the auction lot and will all be sold as a group. They are Foundry explorer types from the Darkest Africa range, but can obviously be used with variety of rule sets from 'Bog aTen' to the new 'In Her Majesty's Name'. They are illustrated below in the popular slightly out of focus technique which has taken years to perfect:

                                                                        Good luck!


                                                                        1. Oooooo Very nice indeed!!! Good luck with the auction chaps!!!

                                                                        2. great work Gary have pimp'd it already
                                                                          Peace James

                                                                        3. Nice work Gary, hope this goes well