Monday 2 September 2013

The Final Selections.

I am sure many of you, will have read on blogs that we spent this last weekend play testing the proposed game for the charity event I can happily report that we have finalised the rules, the terrain layout, table size and most importantly the forces we will use for the game.

The Rules  - we very quickly decided that the rules we will use for this game will now be Black Powder. We made this decision based one the ease of play and the fact that as it was going to be a demo game we can easily track what is happening as this will be a bit larger than a skirmish game.

The Terrain Layout - through the play testing we realised that 2 ft of the table will remain unused and have therefore decided to reorganise the layout. The final table will now be made as a 6ft x 6ft , which will be constructed from 4 x 3ft square sections this should make them easily transportable.

The Forces - Sorting these out proved to be relatively easy after the first run through of the game,we knew that we had to make the forces as historically accurate as we could and a lot of research went into getting the information.

The British and Allies:
3 x 12 figure line regiments
2 x 6 figure light infantry
1 x 8 colonial rangers
1 x 12 Provincial Allies
3 x 6 Indian units
In command of these forces will be Massey and 2 officers as well as an Indian Sachem.

The French Forces:
3 x 12 figure line regiments
4 x 8 figure courer de bois
2 x 8 figure Frances Marines
5 x 6 Indians
In command of these forces will be De Ligenere, Aubery, Montigny and 2 Indian Chiefs.

In addition to all the above we will be needing some move markers, about 24 disorder markers and the same amount of dead markers.

I will now be organising the lead pile for the project and contacting the painters who have volunteered to help.
First run through with too many French line and skirmishers

First run again

Second run small units instead of skirmishers more french Marine's and courer de bois

Second Game again with more Indians on the Brit side


  1. it was a hard weekends work, but fun all the same.
    Peace James

  2. I shall expect a parcel in the post then!

  3. Good stuff - some nicely sized forces there. I'd be very happy to paint a 6 or 8 man unit for you.

  4. I really enjoyed the weekend.
    Meeting up with James again was great and it was really nice to meet such lovely people as Paul and Sandra, who both really looked after us.
    The gaming was excellent in Paul's games room and we did get so much stuff sorted out for the event.

  5. Excellent!
    So I'm ready to paint some readcoats for BfC. :-)