Friday, 31 May 2013

Work on the terrain (part 1)

We have started to design the tables for this venture. The initial thing to do when starting a project is to look at maps and images that you can get hold of. In this case its a little harder as there is not to many of them available for this battle.  However Mike found one and sent it through to me.
From this we then need to identify the area of the main battle and take this as the base to work from.
With the area selected, we need work out our table size.
We use a graphic package and overlay a grid to see how this relates on the ground using our desired table size which for the demo game will be 8ft x 6ft.
We then adapt the map to make it more war game friendly, in this case we cleaned the image of units and adjusted the forest area a little. This will allow a little more movement room around the table perimeter ( for flanking). Further adjustments will be made as we start construction of the table, the river on the table edge will end up being 6 to 8 inches wide. The main issue in construction will be the usability of the table after the event and when we raffle or sell them off.
We have settled on making 8 (3ft x 2ft) sections, This will give us 4 tables after the event each (4ft x 3ft) by bolting two sections together. This will make them easily transportable and easy for the winners to take them home. We still have some decisions to make regarding the overall finish of the woodlands possibly the most costly part of this build considering the number of trees we will need.

I will use the blog to document the build throughout the course of this project so stay tuned for more work in progress updates.


  1. Its great to see the planning. Looking forward to watching this progress
    Peace James

  2. I look forward to seeing this take shape :)

  3. Looks like an interesting layout.

  4. This is gonna look Great Andy

  5. Looking good, can't wait to see how you tackle the build.