Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Why Loki entered the fray

No matter what I do short of plastic surgery I will be the same ugly bugger!

When James asked me via Google + what I thought of his mad idea to do a Blogger charity event at Triples, It took me about thirty seconds to say lets turn the idea into a reality. After all the idea of giving something back to society is a good one. In other words I was in like a rat up a drain pipe. Muskets and Tomahawks is a good game and should allow for us to put on a great demonstration at Triples 2014.

So what do I bring to the project, well in truth not to much really although I have the ability to organise and plan a large event. I can make terrain which could be taken as a useful  skill to have. Oh and I talk a lot, in fact probably too much, although sometimes that is a distinct benefit as I was able to get some trade support for the project.

As James has said the charity Help For Heroes is a no brainer to put on the list. As wargames are mainly a male dominated environment (apologies to Tamsin and Anne) his idea of the male cancer charity Men Matter is an excellent choice.

I will be organising the distribution of the figures required for painting, and of course ensuring their safe return for basing. I will be planning and constructing the tables for the entire project, the idea will be to construct them in a manner that they can be easily transported and raffled off to raise money for the charities at the end.

Finally I would like to ask you all to help us raise as much money as you can spare and follow the journey through the year.

Loki (Andrew)