Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Pleasure to be here.

Hi everyone.
Just thought I would also introduce myself.
Kev here from

Another ugly bugger that no matter of plastic surgery could put right.
 I was asked by James and Andy to get involved and like Andy it took me seconds to say yes.
What a great idea for a couple of great causes.
Being a great fan of the "Muskets & Tomahawks" rule set, I thought what a great way to showcase the rules and the periods it covers.
I was never really interested in the "French Indian War", the later "American War of Independence" was  always my preferred period from the colonies at this time.
The "Seven Years War" has always been a favorite period of mine and a period I game often, it has surprised myself that I really ignored the "FIW" for so long.
I have to thank the "M&T" rule set for enlightening me onto this period in our history (& also great that a lot of my AWI stuff can be used in the games).
I have played a lot of "M&T" now and really love it.
Anybody looking for a great set of skirmish rules, cannot go wrong with these.
It has been some years since I was last involved with a demo game a "Triples", and I am looking forward to this and hopefully raising loads of cash  for the two charities we have chosen.
I will be involved with the painting and the gaming, and whatever James wants me to get involved in.
I may also post some random stuff on here about getting your hands in your pockets, haha. or getting involved in the project.
The response so far has been fantastic and really does show the world that Wargamers and bloggers are a great bunch of people.
It's great to see the support we have already from the industry, Warbases, AW Miniatures, Terra Firma Studio's and now,  Flags of War.
A super response and massive thankyou for your help with this.
I myself consider it a honour to be here and involved with this.