Friday, 31 May 2013

Terrain Build and Miniatures Fully Sponsored

We have a sponsor for the terrain build.

As some of you may be aware I am a senior partner in a terrain company and as such have negotiated to cover the terrain build, paying any relevant costs as necessary. I have done this so we can raise as much as possible for the two charities and not have to cover large expenses. Don't let this stop you from donating to our fund though (see the donate button on the right) as it means much more will go directly to the charities. Please take a moment to click the link above and visit the site to see examples of the quality of work that can be expected.

I am also pleased to announce that all the miniatures for this project are being given freely by Andrew at AW Miniatures for this project. A most generous gift indeed . So please take a moment to visit his site and check out his French Indian wars Ranges for yourselves.

Andrew will also be sculpting more miniatures to complement his existing ranges and specifically for us to complete the project as well.

Finally I would like to Thank each and everyone of you who have kindly donated to this project already, we are all really pleased at the level of generosity and offers of help we have received since we started this venture.


  1. It really is most generous of both companies to give so much to this charitable cause!

  2. It is these acts of generosity that these ideas so rewarding, well done to both.

  3. Great progres! Some very generous support by these to firms ;-)

  4. Great news indeed! I'm off to check out AW minis!!