Sunday 6 October 2013

Thank you - we are almost there

My thanks to all of you who responded to my last post. I believe I have now managed to sort all the confusion out and contacted you all.

I have now updated the painting log and posted it to this blog so each of you can check on the current status of the painting. If your name is not on the list please accept my apologies and send me an email so I can sort it out.

As you can see we are in need of 5 units still to be allocated, these are all small 6 figure units of Indians, so please if you can step forward and help please volunteer as we cant do this without the help and generosity from the wider community.

I have been asked several times about basing of figures and other matters, so I will clarify those points now so you have a reference.

1. Please mount the figures on some card or similar material for painting. I will be basing all the figures once they are returned. This is to maintain the unit cohesion and to give a consistent finish.

2. Please ensure your figures are at least given 1 coat of varnish before posting back, so they survive the post!

3. The deadline for all figures to be returned is no later than 7th Feb 2014 please, to give me time to base them all up.

Once again Thank you for volunteering, and good luck. I am here for help should any of you need references for painting etc.



  1. I'll let you know when the figures that I'm painting arrive.

    Thanks for letting me tag along and contribute!

  2. Great, Andrew!
    I'll drop you a line when I received the 44th Rgt. of Foot. ;-)


  3. Looking forward to getting the 46th.

    1. They have arrived. Priming tonight weather permitting (the out look is good)

  4. Just a quick note to let you know the figures arrived here in the states. The 60th Royal American Foot will be entering the painting queue at the front of the line

    One question - any basing standard preferred? I was planing to base on 20mm squares but can do anything you'd prefer


  5. Hi Andrew, Loki,
    If you are interested I can do 1-2 units of Indians if you like. But you will have to post it to Australia? glad to help if I can.

    1. No Problems did you get the email I sent? I appreciate that Australia is a long and expensive way to post something that has to come back so no offense taken if you choose not to use me. Obviously I'll cover postage back. I hope it is a success for you all.

  6. Still looking for painters? I'm building a Wild West game (amongst others) and have been getting back into painting after a 20 year hiatus! Would love to have a go at some minis and really give my Army Painter set a proper workout - I'm in Brighton so return postage shouldn't be too expensive.
    Mixed in with computing and electronics stuff should be some examples of my current painting at