Monday, 30 June 2014

Bloggers for Charity Auction Reboot

As hinted at yesterday, we have some important news.

A lot of hard work has been put in by James (who came up with the BfC concept and got everything together), the generous donors of figures, bases and artwork, various volunteer painters and others behind the scenes.  Yet despite this the final push of the BfC 2014 Campaign - the auction - has made little impact.

After some discussion - and with the generous support of current bidders - it has therefore been decided that in order that the original intent of BfC (to raise money through our joint effort for some pretty damn fine charities) be met we should re-boot the auction, which is hereby extended to 22:00 British Summer Time on 31 July 2014.

The lots remain the same - the 28mm French and Indian Wars figures donated by AW Miniatures and painted by volunteers from around the world.  In addition, Peter Barfield (PanzerKaput) has donated a piece of original artwork - the Woods Indian that featured on this page until replaced by images of the finished figures.  All lots (with current high bids) can be seen here - there's still chance to win some great figures at bargain prices (or to go silly 'for charitee').

The procedure or bidding has changed slightly.  Please e-mail diplomatist2<AT>gmail<DOT>com with details of the lot you are interested in and your top bid.  If you are bidding on an item that has not yet received bids then include both your starting bid and your top bid.

Can I ask all of you to do what you can to spread the word about the auction and that it's still running?  Thanks.



  1. Has the auction been publicised on TMP and other sites? If not, it might be worth doing so.

    1. I'm not a member of TMP, but if someone who is would give the auction a plug, it'd be a great help.

      The same goes for any other Forum or news outlet (Wargames News and Terrain is already covering it). Any help spreading the message is appreciated.

  2. You might want to consider putting them on ebay?, wouldn't that make both bidding easier and expose the sale to the general public as well.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion.

      That might be a better way to do it in future. For now, we've got this auction up and running, and have bids on most lots.