Monday 20 May 2013

Humble beginnings

Welcome to the new Blogger's for Charity blog please take a moment to join us as a follower to track our venture.

The idea of this blog is too bring together wargamers and figure painters from around the world to collaborate on a giant charity project. The initial project will be run and organised by the four founders a brief description of these rogues is below.

The initial idea of running something for charity came from James of Exiles wargames painter, who wanted to see if anyone else would be interested in assisting him in a charity event at Triples 2014, and is heading up the clerical side of the project.

Mike of Mikes Wargaming & Modelling  a good friend of James and an excellent figure painter is helping with the running and organising

Andrew of Loki's Great Hall can be occasionally found helping warbases and has some contacts in the industry and will hopefully assisting in the terrain and making of the tables.

Kevin of Kevs wargames Cabin is a full time painter and best mate of Andrew, is on board to assist in the running and organising.

The whole venture will be run on a not for profit basis. We are aiming to raise as much money as possible over the coming year and have set up a donations account for this purpose which you can find in the top right side bar of this very blog. Please help us raise as much as possible for our chosen two charities this year, they are Men Matter and Help for Heroes, both worthy charities I am sure you will agree. We will of course be asking the wider community to help us achieve many targets over the coming months and if you can help us in any way please do step forward we will gratefully accept any help.

Anyone wishing to help can proudly display the Bloggers for charity logo on their own blogs, we only ask that you link it back to this site please.

We will be running a rather large skirmish game using Muskets and Tomahawks rules refighting the battle of La Belle Famille as a culmination of the event and raffling all the figures to raise funds for the charities mentioned.

Please take a moment to visit our generous sponsors who's links are below and will permanently appear in the right sidebar.

Thanks to the Generosity of Andrew Wilson at AW miniatures who has agreed to sponsor the project by supplying the miniatures we just have some final costs to be agreed. He will also sculpt new figures for the items we require that he does not currently have in his ranges. Again we just await the final details on this side of the support.

Martin & Diane at Warbases will be supplying all the figure bases for us, and some other ancillary items as required.

The next post will outline our full aims and hopefully we should have more details on the project.


  1. Inspiring ideas let me know if you want a hand with any graphics/presentational materials etc.

  2. Good luck with the project chaps, If I can help I will.

  3. Best of luck Andrew and same to all the other guys involved! Very, very worthwhile!

  4. Good Luck with this sounds like a couple of good causes I've linked to it and look forwards to hearing your plans.

  5. I would gladly donate some money if you could give me the option of doing so in US dollars. My bank is a local one and will not do International transactions.

    I have put this on my blogroll and will give it a shout out when I post on Wednesday.

    1. Anne if you are using the paypal you just change the currency to USD and paypal convert it to GBP
      Peace James

  6. Thank you all for the great comments.

  7. Fantastic idea and two very worthy charities. Just made a donation using PayPal and it couldn't be easier.

  8. Good idea. I'll donate in a few days, but I think I'd like to help by painting a few minis, if it's still possible.



  9. I'll see about carrying that logo on my blog to help spread word around.

    Now a helpful hint in a good place for it. For those not in paypal not knowing what are they talking about, nor how to, you could sign up by going to, and following a few steps. They will register a credit card on your new account and if you choose, straight into a bank account, either one or both. To set up the bank account would take a couple days as they have to verify it, by depositing a few pennies and you'd then verify by telling them how many when, which only the account holder should be able to verify.

    Why to do it, is if you use the internet a lot and would like to buy or sell or get paid, including internationally with easy currency exchange like mentioned above, this makes it much easier. Not only do most places online use it, but you are already pre-approved when you go to use it from time to time, since you'll have a history there. I have had no problems in 3 years on there, other than to update when an expiry date comes up, and it includes a way to make disputes or complaints or whatever, as some people will do. It is good for things like eBay, amazon, donations, and charities like this one.

  10. Great idea! I've spread the word from my little corner of the web!

  11. Happy to help out here, donation made. Let me know if you need brush or terrain work